Your Diet and Chiropractic Care

Your chiropractor is trained in nutrition and how diet affects your health and overall well being. To your chiropractor, nutrition comprises more than simply three meals a day. The chiropractic profession views nutrition as the materials needed to maintain your health, and includes the vitamin, mineral and tissue building quality of what you eat. Some foods should be avoided, while others consumed more frequently. You should consult your chiropractor directly for specific nutrient requirements, but here is a general list to consider.

You should avoid:
- white refined sugar and candy
- smoking and alcohol
- caffeine, found in coffee and cola drinks
- “junk foods”, and empty calories
- salt and foods high in salt content

You should increase your intake of:
- water
- fruits and vegetable
- whole grain breads and cereals
- lean cut red meats
- fish and poultry
- skim milk and low fat dairy products

Remember, your specific condition may require special dietary requirements, consult your local chiropractor.