Learn about:

- Leptin - the Hormone that stops Weight Loss - and 5 simples ways to beat it
- Toxicity & Hormones - and the effects on Weight Loss
- Weight loss and how it can be hindered by Traditional Exercise
- Burst training in 15 minutes - more is not better
- Lifestyle choices that dramatically boost or reduce Cancer development
- The dangers of conventional Cancer treatment methods
- How to avoid and eliminate specific items known to cause Cancer

The Maximized Living Extreme Makeover Challenge will give you the tools you need to start experiencing a complete makeover of the body, mind, and spirit   in only ONE AFTERNOON!!

Your local Maximized Living Chiropractors and Mentors are teaming up to provide the nutrition, exercise, stress management, and time management tools you need on a daily and weekly basis to make the steady, incremental changes that lead to a lifetime of health and happiness.


Participant Resources:

- Advanced Healing Diet
- Basic Nutrition Plan
- Grocery List
- EMOC Inserts
Local Nutrition
- Local Organic Farms
- Participant Measurements and Testimonials

Maximized LivingPRESENTED BY: Dr. Sean Batte
STARTING: Saturday October 20th, 2012
TO REGISTER CALL: 519-474-6808 or email